Is there any Software to Retrieve SanDisk Flash Memory Card?

I have 16GB SanDisk flash memory drive, which I use to store my important data. Yesterday when I connected it to my system, it asked me to format it and I have accidentally pressed ‘OK’ button. My entire data from the flash memory got vanished because of my negligence. Is there any chance to restore my flash card data? If yes, then help me with a simple solution. Thanks in advance.

This is not the only situation which you may catch up with. There are various other possibilities also for data loss from SanDisk drive. Let’s check some of them:

  • When flash memory is corrupt
  • File system conversion from NTFS to FAT or FAT to NTFS or vice versa
  • Cancelling the data transmission process in the middle
  • Improper ejection of flash drive from system when it is being used
  • Flash drive is infected with viruses

During the sudden situations like above, you may worry about your data If that so, then you will find the simple method in this page. Read the page to know more about it.

Simple tool to rescue SanDisk flash drive

Yodot Photo Recovery is the predefined software to retrieve SanDisk flash memory data. It is the powerful media recovery tool which can easily extract data from your flash drive. The program uses advanced built in algorithms to finish recovery in a smoother way. It not only supports retrieving flash drive but also other storage memory cards like CF card, SD card, XD  card, multi media card and many others. The tool easily brings back all images, audios and videos from the card. This application requires Windows platform to execute i.e., Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 an Windows 10.

Guidelines to use the application

Plug your SanDisk flash memory to a healthy Windows PC -> Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery tool by visiting here -> Once the program launches you will find two options on it ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ and ‘Lost Photo Recovery’ -> Choose any one option based on your scenario -> The tool scan the drives available on the system -> Choose the card which is plugged to system -> Allow the application to scan the entire card -> Once it is done, preview the restored media files to confirm -> Finally save them to desired destination location.

Fixing Corrupt Outlook Profile

Troubled with corrupt Outlook mail profile? Thinking of how to get rid of this and save vital data from it? Then find new ways to overcome from this issue in this article. Before knowing the solution, let’s understand the problem-

Observed symptoms: Microsoft Outlook profile is corrupted and this is not letting to access any files. It throws error messages whenever tried to open any files like –Operation Failed, Access Denied, Invalid Outlook data file, Corrupt MAPI32.dll, Outlook Cannot Start, Outlook Filename not specified and other synchronization and update errors with Outlook. Now it’s time to check the root causes behind this problem.

Reasons for corruption of Outlook profile: There involves a quite number of reasons for Outlook’s such unexpected behavior. Users may sometimes fail to locate exact cause for this kind of effects on their Outlook data. Some already discovered causes include-

  • Abnormally terminating Outlook application: Forceful termination of Outlook program while OST file is been synchronizing, accessing data or in opening state; this could eventually damage your Outlook data files. So, always take enough time to terminate the application properly.
  • Virus Infection: Attacks from malicious program on Exchange OST files can severely affect your Outlook PST file making it unreadable or inaccessible. It’s always recommended to install a good quality anti-virus program and keep virus definitions up-to-date.
  • Outlook files synchronization errors: There are chances of some conflicts and errors when Outlook Exchange Server is trying to synch offline folders. This might resist you to open OST/PST files on your profile.
  • Impact of third-party applications: Untrustworthy software will have some negative impact making your Outlook files corrupt; you see some garbage data as file content that is of no use. After running such program, you will notice damages incurred to your data unknowingly.
  • Hardware errors: It is observed that when the storage region of your system where your Outlook data reside gets any problem, data will get destroyed. Even bad sectors on storage disk makes data unreadable and erroneous.
  • MS Outlook deficiency: In some cases, the version of Outlook you are using will only be the culprit causing file corruption. During updates, limitations for file size limit that varies with versions and some other technical issues.
  • Other factors: Network connection failures, power supply failure, storage failure and other unknown issues can also lead to Outlook profile corruptions.

Moving ahead towards solution

Whenever you come across such scenarios where Outlook mail is found to be corrupted, your next move should be  very careful because a wrong move could be disastrous. Implementing improper methodologies to fix this problem could lead to further damages that are irreversible. Probably now you are thinking how to fix a corrupt profile in Outlook using reliable means.  Then, here you go- simply get your Outlook profile repaired with Yodot Outlook PST Repair utility. This can fetch you better repair results.

This tool is specially designed to fix and restore Outlook Profile with all attributes to its normal working condition. Your mail profile may come to face any unexpected threats but Yodot can resolve it much efficiently. There involve no extra efforts to handle your Outlook repair process, it’s an easy-to-use tool that can be operated by every individual without facing much of difficulty.

OS support: Windows 10 operating system and all earlier versions including Windows Server editions (2008 and 2003)

Supported Outlook versions: Applicable to MS Outlook 2000/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016

Procedure to fix MS Outlook profile:

Step #1: Move down here your mouse to get the application downloaded in your Windows PC

Step #2: Carry out installation as guided and start using the tool

Step #3: Out of three different options on main screen, opt Select Outlook Profile

Step #4: Input the location of your Outlook mail on computer storage

Step #5: Proceed to choose a scan option among Smart scan and Normal scan methods

Step #6: Yodot tool will performing necessary fixtures on corrupted Outlook profile and recreates a new Outlook data with same data that existed before

Step #7: Go through preview and mark the target location to save back regained Outlook data and terminate the process

Highly Focused on Fixing Corrupted Mini SD Memory Card?

Have a look on the following incident:

Scenario 1:

“Hello! I lost all my important pictures that were captured on graduation day. My brother installed a free game from an insecure third party application on my phone. It seems like my entire mini SD card is corrupted and I could not access a single file. I don’t even have a backup for it. I tried using manual methods to fix it but was unsuccessful. So, is there any possible way of fixing it back? Please somebody help me to resolve this issue with appropriate solution. Thank you!”

Experienced any such situations like one mentioned above? Are you searching for a better solution to get rid of it? Calm down, because these are frequently faced problems among SD card users.

List of some problems that will come into picture when mini SD card is corrupted:

  • Saved data files will be missing or unreadable making it difficult for you to access
  • Memory card will be enabled with “Write protected” or “locked” mode that will create accessing problems
  • SD card will run slowly consuming a lot of time to perform read or write operation
  • Card itself will not be recognized by computer if it is highly corrupted

What actually causes mini SD card to get corrupt?

  1. Virus intrusion infecting healthy files
  2. Improper ejection of memory card while file transfer
  3. Due to bad sectors on storage card
  4. Using same memory on multiple devices

Get some idea of how to fix corrupt mini SD card: –

  • Re-insert the memory card and restart the device.

Because some device may not support mini SD card due to compatibility issue

  • Use Chkdsk (Check disk) option

This inbuilt tool helps to fix any issues present in memory cards

  • Formatting your card on the whole

Formatting/reformatting the card will erase all data completely but will make the card reusable

If at all, the data is very important and you are striving hard to fix Mini SD card that is corrupt, don’t be depressed you can just go with the option of recovery software to retrieve data from your Mini SD card.

Avoid risk of losing data from mini SD card after corruption:

Yodot Photo Recovery tool is well built in a way of retrieving photos and other media files from corrupted mini SD card as well as micro SD, memory stick, flash drives, internal/external hard drives etc. It comes with file signature scan that helps to regain particular files required. Not only photos even video files, audio files and other documents can be effectively restored. This tool is compatible with Windows computers operating with Windows 10, windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003 OS versions.

Procedure to implement the application to recover corrupted mini SD card data:

Step 1: Connection is to be made between computer and SD card

Step 2: Tap here to download Yodot Photo Recovery utility

Step 3: Install and run the program

Step 4: Select “Deleted Photo Recovery” or “Lost Photo Recovery” option

Step 5: Select the drive where Mini SD card is present

Step 6: Scan process is initiated and recovered files are returned as a result

Step 7: “Data View” or “File Type View” can be used to view all the fixed files

Step 8: Save the restored files onto destination location after previewing

Raw NTFS Disk Recovery


Multiple partitions make it easier to search for a file; and thus, improve the disk efficiency. There are various inbuilt tools that can be used to create partitions. Windows PC supports five file systems for disk partitions; ExFAT, NTFS5, NTFS, FAT16, and FAT32. However, partitions created using any of these file systems are also prone to data loss and inaccessibility issues.

Generally, converted NTFS hard disk into RAW file system creates very difficult situation for users and trying to restore data from the RAW drive seems to be a tough task. If you also landed on this page to get suggestions on RAW NTFS Disk Recovery, then stick to this article and read it thoroughly. This page will guide you to recover Raw NTFS disk data with easy steps.

If the logical partition formatted with NTFS contains any of your crucial data, then immediately stop saving or retrieving any data of it. Before experimenting anything on disk, safeguard your data for which below listed method will help you completely. After getting back files from RAW NTFS disk, you may further check for the NTFS formatted disk which becomes RAW for further replacement or repair.

Method to access RAW NTFS disk data:

Remo Recover scans the RAW drive completely and restores data from it in a short span of time. This Hard Disk Recovery tool retrieves entire files from the RAW drive in a secure way. Data from various popular hard drive brands such as Western Digital, Toshiba, Kingston, Hitachi, Samsung, Buffalo, Transcend, Seagate, etc, will be recovered efficiently. The software will recover data from RAW partition of various file systems like FAT, NTFS, exFAT, HFSX, and so on.

Stepwise instructions for recovering RAW NTFS:

Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software and install it on your computer >> Remove your RAW hard drive and connect the hard drive to a healthy computer >> Run the software and follow the main screen steps and click on “Partition Recovery” from the main screen >> The software scans and display all logical and physical drives including your external drive (RAW hard drive) >> Choose the external hard drive and click on “Next” button >> The application repeats the scanning process and shows all the recovered files in 2 distinct views i.e. “Data Type” and “File Type” >> Toggle between the view type, which makes your search easier >> Select the files and folders which you want to recover back >> Preview the recovered files before saving >> At last save your recovered files to preferred storage location on your PC

How Can I Extract RAR Files?

If you are finding difficulties to manage RAR files, then please have a look here; anyone of the following listed situations might be similar to yours present case.

“I have many files that have been compressed into a single RAR file a month back. Yesterday I have right clicked on a particular file and have chosen ‘Extract here’ option. But I’m unable to extract the file. I don’t know why this problem raised suddenly. All I want is to fix RAR files and extract all my files from it. Is there any reliable method to do it? Thanks in advance. Please help.”

“First and foremost I want to explain my problem. Here is it, ‘I have generated a RAR file for a collection of 100 files with different file types. This I did a two week ago. Today when I tried to extract file, it is refusing to open. If this problem continues, then how will I access my files from it? Can anyone help me out?”

“I’m a newbie to this problem. I’m unable to extract my RAR file which contains 30+ files. I need to fix this issue as soon as possible because some files from it I needed the most. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated”

You might face any of the above situation and looking for a technique to solve the issue. If that so, you can easily find your solution here. Let’s read on to know how to repair it.

Simple issue repair tool

Have a puzzle in mind, how can I extract RAR files? Then, make use of preeminent program like Yodot RAR Repair program for such situations. It is a trusted tool which can easily fix RAR file and make it extracted. It will let you to access all your files from it once after repair is done. It basically works on read only mode so it will not modify the contents available in it. Even a large sized RAR file also can be fixed without any difficulty. It will effectively repair RAR files that are corrupted due to CRC errors or when it is showing error messages. The program has the ability to fix RAR files that are password protected. To optimize the features available in this tool, you require operating systems like Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008, 7, 8.x and 10.

Steps to operate the application

Use this association to download Yodot RAR Repair software on your system -> Make sure to install it by following on screen principles -> Get on to first screen ‘Browse’ button -> Locate the path of RAR file -> After browsing the file, click on ‘Repair’ button -> A new screen will be displayed with starting the repair process -> You can clearly observe the status of the repair in progress bar -> Once it is done, the progress bar level reaches to 100% -> Preview the contents in the file to ensure whether the process is successfully done or not -> At last save the file to your preferred target folder.

Error Copying Large Files to External Hard Drive

Consider the following cases

Case 1:I tried to cut paste huge size media files from one external hard drive to another on my Windows laptop. It copied some files but froze in between. I restarted the system and a prompt appeared which I ignored. I again tried copying files, one at a time but copy process eventually became slow and entered into freezing state and popped an error message. Same thing repeated after several attempts. Can somebody help me resolve this”

Case 2: “Hi there, my external HD have tons of space but when I copy my 20GB files it stops and not let me transfer files. I even formatted it to NTFS but no use. Why is this happening in spite of having enough space? How can I fix this?”

Case 3:Whenever I try to copy files to my external hard drive, I’m hit with a message that says – an unexpected error occurred. I have no idea of why this is happening all of a sudden. Can somebody please help me out?”

Have you also spotted situations like this whereby you get an error while copying bulk size files onto your external hard drive storage? You may feel it pretty ridiculous dealing with this sort of error. As it is mentioned in above case 2, even though there is enough drive space you may still struggle to perform copy paste operation.

When you want to transfer large size files you can go with splitting files into smaller chunks and then copy. On the other hand you can try to change the file system to NTFS. It is because file system errors has a major share in causing this kind of problems. Before things could go worse take a backup of data and reach a safe zone, If it has already reached to a severe point then still there are ways out.

For fine file recovery on encountering error copying large files to external hard drive you can simply rely on Yodot Photo Recovery toolkit.

Procedure to recover large files on external drive:

Step 1: Initially attach your external drive to a working Windows system

Step 2: Navigate to the Download link and get recovery tool

Step 3: Perform installation process and start running the program

Step 4: On the main Window choose Lost Photo Recovery button

Step 5: Make selection of your external drive from where you want to recover data

Step 6: Application then begins to scan your drive and list files

Step 7: Choose a view pattern for extracted files

Step 8: Preview files and save them in a new destination

Software features: Built with an advanced block-by-block scan mechanism that can quickly bring back large files from hard drive while faced issues with copy error and frozen drives. It’s specially designed UI makes it a very handy tool to any non-technical users. To add up, it can also retrieve data from internal hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, and other smart media devices that is either lost or deleted due to any of the issues. Drive retrieved files are presented in two different forms as user wishes- whether File View or Data View. The software is totally safe to be run on your system keeping all your insecurities aside; no software threats – no consumption of system resources – even no chances of file modifications. It can smoothly run on all versions of Windows operating system including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 editions.

How to Open RAR Files On Windows 10?

If you are reading this page then you are facing problem with RAR file and looking out for a solution to fix it. In that case you are into right place because this article will provide you an easy and effective way to handle this situation. First let us start by going through a real-time incident faced by RAR file user.

Scenario: “Last week my friend gave me a collection of videos in a folder which was compressed in RAR format; it was working fine. But last night I was unable to open the folder and the worse thing is I didn’t extract and copy its contents. So please tell me how to open RAR files on Windows 10?”

Sometimes it happens that RAR file refuses to open because they are damaged. There are number of reasons due to which RAR file refuses to open, or gets corrupted. Such as:

  • Due to CRC corruption
  • Errors during OS upgradation
  • Malware infection
  • Due to RAR Compression or extraction error
  • File extension error
  • Transmission error
  • File system corruption
  • Broken download

These are some of the reasons for RAR damage. To avoid such occurrences user can follow below given suggestions:

  • Use appropriate antivirus programs and perform regular scan to stay away from virus
  • Don’t try to access files from RAR when there is continuous power fluctuation
  • Make sure you don’t download any RAR file when there is low internet connection

When your RAR file is corrupt and inaccessible, you can make use of a reliable RAR repair tool to fix the file and extract its contents. The best RAR repair tool recommended by industry specialists is Yodot RAR Repair.

This tool has amazing features using which, one can easily extract RAR files on Windows system. During repair process, it does not make any change on original RAR file data; instead it extracts data and generates new copy of it. It also provides ‘Preview’ option, so before purchasing the software, you can check if the data is regained from archive successfully. This utility can be used to mend corrupted RAR files from WinRAR version 2.00, 2.90, 3.50, 3.70, 3.80, 3.90 and 4.00. This software is compatible with Windows computer running Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and Windows server 2008 OS versions.

How to use the tool?

Find here to download Yodot RAR Repair application on a Windows system. Install the downloaded program and launch it. Then click on ‘Browse’ button to select affected RAR files. Next, click on “Repair” option to start RAR file repair process. After its completion, you will get a confirmation message. Preview the corrected RAR file for complete assurance. At the end, you are specified to select destination location to store repaired RAR file on your computer.

How Can I Recover Deleted Emails From Outlook 2013?

Have you ever faced a situation, where some of your emails got deleted from Outlook 2013 without any prior notice? Are you in need of those mails? If yes, then this page is right place for you. Often while accessing our Outlook profile, we get to see such incidents like PST file corruption. When PST file gets corrupt all the emails becomes completely inaccessible. So if you are one such user, who has lost attribute entries in the event of PST file corruption or unintentionally removed them or emptied Deleted Items folder without checking for any crucial mails and many more, these all instances will directly results in email deletion.

If you have also lost any important emails from Outlook 2013, in any of these circumstances, then don’t worry, this page has suitable solution for you. In most of these cases, whenever email deletion takes place at mailbox, you can easily restore them. Below few effective yet simple steps has mentioned, so according to your deleted email scenario, you can utilize any.

Try to find emails in Deleted Items folder
In Outlook, go to email folder -> Deleted Items -> click Move > Other Folder -> click Inbox and hit OK button
If you can’t find it there, the next place to look is the Recoverable Items folder, which you can access by using the Recover Deleted Items tool. This is a hidden folder, and it’s the place where items are moved after strong delete operation
Steps to recover emails that’s no longer in your Deleted Items folder
If your Outlook 2013 application is not having any items in Deleted Items folder, it means emails were deleted permanently from client side. However, with access of Recover Delete Items option might help you in restoring emails or any other Outlook items.
To do so: Click on Folder in menu, hit Recover Deleted Items option -> Outlook will retrieve the items (which were deleted permanently) from MS Exchange server according to the settings which you set at the time of Outlook configuration -> If you have a mail folder to recover, it will appear(you can’t view inside to restore particular email. So, you need to restore entire sub folder and then individual emails) -> At last, select the items you want to recover and at the top of screen, hit recover button.

NOTE: Once you have recovered emails, it will be restored to Deleted Items folder only, not to the original location like inbox or other sub folders. You need to go thorough deleted items folder after restore has been completed to restore the required items to its original location.
If the above explained both method fails, then consider to utilize Yodot Outlook PST Repair as your final method to restore Outlook 2013 emails.

Why you must use this method?
In order to extract deleted emails from Outlook 2013, you need to make use of Yodot Outlook PST Repair software. It is the answers to all questions like, how can i recoever emails from Outlook 2013. This software is designed to repair severely corrupt PST file and recover elements including Calendar Items, Contacts, Emails, Notes, Journals, to do list etc., along with emails. It has innovative GUI through which even a novice computer user can repair and recover important emails from PST file with utmost ease. And along with 2013, this application has capability to restore emails from its other Outlook versions like MS Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 on Windows OS as well.

Instructions for extracting deleted emails from Outlook 2013:
Visit here to download Yodot Outlook PST Repair software on computer with Outlook 2013 from where emails are deleted from profile>> start installing it and run the utility >> Select “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” or “Select Outlook Profile” to locate required PST file >> After selecting PST file, choose Smart Scan for moving further in process of email recovery >> Click on “Browse” to choose destination location for saving retrieved Outlook 2013 mails and hit “Next” button >> The tool scans PST file and displays the information of attributes present in PST file >> Open PST file at destination where you had directed new repaired PST file to find deleted emails

How Can I Retrieve .Jar Files?

Today I have deleted few unwanted files on my system to free up some memory. After an hour, I realized that I have erased some of my important. jar files. May be I would have checked attentively before deleting them. But, unfortunately I don’t know any process to get them back. Can any of you help me to bring back them? I’ll be waiting for your reply. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

You may face situation like above because it is the common situation that many users are facing. But, this is not only the situation. There are various reasons to be careful in future. Let’s check what are those?

  • Emptying Recycle Bin without checking its contents
  • Accidentally formatting the drive where .jar files are saved
  • Usage of third party anti-virus applications results in deleting .jar files
  • Power surge while creating .jar files
  • File header corruption

During the rise of above situations, it is really very hard to handle. But don’t struggle much for searching a solution to retrieve back your files because you are in a correct place to get a preeminent way out to solve your problem. Stick to the next lines of the page to know more.

East way to get back .jar files

Don’t wonder how I can retrieve .jar files because it is made easier by using a predefined tool like Yodot File Recovery. It is a preferred solution to get back lost/deleted .jar files. It only achieves retrieving .jar files, but also 300+ file types like documents, images, spread sheets, PDF’s, compressed files, PST files, audios, videos etc. It will not alter the source content while restoring files due to its read only mode. The intuitive scanning available in this application offers a wide range scan of each and every sector of the drive. This software is compatible with Windows system i.e., which runs Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008, 7, 8.x and 10.

Procedure to be followed to run the program

Download Yodot program by visiting here -> Finish installation steps by using on screen instructions -> Main screen approaches by giving two options to go through ‘Deleted File Recovery’ and ‘Lost File Recovery’ -> Click on preferred tab based on the scenario -> Now select the drive from where you want to restore.jar files -> Now, the tool will start scanning the entire drive -> Wait till the software completes the scan -> Once it gets over you can select files by using ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type View’ -> Preview then to ensure process is successfully done or not -> Send the files to desired destination folder.

Fix Zip Warning Could Not Open for Reading

Zip compression technique proves to be one of the useful tool to a vast number of users. It helps to maintain related data files together, makes it easy to download files of large size, makes easier to attach large files in emails.

Zip files seems to be useful particularly when the files are distributed over internet. Zip compression saves lots of disk space.

Before you use Zip technique, it would be good to have some basic knowledge about Zip and its operations. As ZIP files are subject to have damage due to various issues.

For an instance refer this example – “I downloaded a zip file attachment from my mail and I am not able to extract it and it displays “ZIP Could Not Open for Reading”. I downloaded it again but still I am not able to extract. Also the file contains important information. Can somebody suggest me what can I do?”

Other issues may include – error disabling reading of zip file, CRC errors, not able to unzip zip folder, zip file not found, inaccessible zip file, incomplete zip file download and so forth. If you are looking to fix zip warning could not open for reading then the best option is to go for Yodot Zip Repair tool.

What Yodot Zip Repair can do?

  • It can repair all 32 bit and 64 bit Zip files with .zip and .zipx extensions
  • able to extract Zip files with CRC error
  • No size limit for the Zip file to be repaired
  • recover Zip files from any storage medium
  • repairs all unreadable Zip files
  • Comes with a preview option to ensure proper recovery
  • recovered Zip files can be stored on any medium
  • Compatible with latest Windows versions
  • Fix incompletely downloaded ZIP/ZIPX files

Yodot Zip Repair can easily fix any of your inaccessible, damaged or corrupted ZIP files in a matter of minutes.

How Yodot Zip Repair can fix your file?

Step 1: You can just download the Yodot Zip Repair tool and install it in your system

Step 2: Browse the corrupted zip file from your computer. Yodot initiates scanning the selected drive

Step 3: The progress bar indicates you the status of repair

Step 4: On completion of the scanning process the software displays you the repaired zip file

Step 5: You can cross check the contents of the repaired file and then save your repaired file in a new destination location

By following these simple steps Yodot will fix any zip repair issues in a pleasing manner with a user-friendly experience.

You can always make sure whether you have a backup of your zip file before you opt recovery software. If not, you are left to go with repair software; it is when Yodot Zip Repair proves to be a best solution. Being one of the best repair tool, Yodot is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.